march 2019

Issima winter promo

Levissima Issima Promo Winter

We partnered with Anon to promote collectability among the

Levissima Issima, the water of tomorrow's #everydayclimbers, changes its look for the launch of a winter-themed promo collection, dedicated to the traditional sports of this season. The three textures are inspired by snow-covered landscapes, with chilled colours, while remaining modern and appealing. This not only improves stand-out on the shelf; it also adds collectability among young consumers. In the foreground, a stylish snowboard mask promotes the competition: a fast and dynamic game to win the equipment needed to be a true everyday climber.

Thanks to the partnership with Anon, the Burton brand specialized in helmets and snowboard goggles, the masks to be won are the ideal prize to reinforce the bond between Levissima, the mountain and the values ​​that the brand expresses: the importance of an active, outdoor life and the motivation to face the challenges of each day with energy and determination, always looking for a new adventure.

packaging Levissima Issima winter