october 2023

Inca Packaging's eco-design at Luxe Pack with ATC - All Things Communicate

excerpt of ATC's video for Inca Packaging

Innovation and elegance synthesised in a video highlighting the new creation of the Italian leader in luxury aluminum packaging.

Inca Packaging, an Italian company specialising in the creation of aluminum packs, featuring exclusive projects created for leading international design houses and cosmetics brands, has chosen to strengthen its collaboration with ATC - All Things Communicate.

Inca Packaging was recently recognised as one of the undisputed protagonists of Luxe Pack, the international event dedicated to luxury packaging, held in Monte Carlo from 2 to 4 October.

ATC contributed to this success with the creation of a looped video projected on the Inca Packaging stand, designed to attract attention and show the brand's values in an effective, refined and immediate way, in relation to an important new product launched at the Monaco show.

Conceived and realised in CGI, the video focuses on the stylistic details and specificities of the company's new creation, with a clear and enveloping visual language, in line with the new corporate identity designed by ATC.