february 2023

INCA Packaging chooses ATC - All Things Communicate for the restyling of its corporate identity

The new logo for INCA Packaging and the new payoff

A new logo and a new payoff for the Italian company which produces sustainable packaging in aluminum

Shaping Brillinant Ideas: this is the new payoff realized by ATC - All Things Communicate to express the new promise of INCA Packaging, a leading Italian company in the field of sustainable aluminium packaging, which cooperates with the most important luxury and high-quality food brands, giving birth to stylistically impeccable creations.

Shaping, to highlight the company’s ability to mould refined and custom-made shapes. Brilliant, to represent both the talent of INCA Packaging’s people and the typical finish of aluminum. Ideas, because every project of the company requires a unique mix of know-how, experience and creativity.

To express this personality, where fashion and industry meet, ATC has also designed the new company logo. An irregular curved field, to match stability with fantasy, in a metal finished mid-blue hue. Inside, the lettering chosen for the company name evokes those taste and refinedness which are closely connected with the exclusivity of the brands which choose INCA for their own creations.


Logo and payoff shown on brand comunication materials