april 2017

OXO makes an eye-catching return to MIDO, with ATC and Optima

Booth and creativity OXo group at MIDO international event on eyewear

OXO, the Italian Opticians Consortium has chosen us to create their corporate stand and all the materials to communicate their return to one of the most important international trade fairs in the eyewear sector.

OXO is a consortium of opticians which operates In Italy on a national level through more than 400 stores. As a major international trade fair dedicated entirely to eyewear, MIDO is the perfect showcase for the organisation, which is always keen to welcome new associates. To make an impact at MIDO, OXO needed a vibrant agency who could develop the creative concept behind its communication strategy and handle the physical realisation of the stand.

ATC and Optima successfully delivered the visibility the organisation was looking for.
What were the client’s expectations from ATC?
“OXO wanted maximum visibility at the fair, and the stand in itself wasn’t enough.” Mariacarla Vailati, Account Manager for the project, explains, “They also needed a compelling communications strategy which could convey to all prospects their brand values and the benefits of being part of the Group”.
The professionalism and expertise of the Optima / ATC team ensured the flawless delivery of the expected outputs were achieved – and within a tight deadline of only a few weeks.
Sara Duca, supervisor of the Design Team, reveals the most intriguing part of the entire project.
“OXO is the main sponsor of a popular docu-reality on Italian television, Donnavventura. The company wanted to capitalise on the available communication assets related to the programme, which posed a challenge for us: finding a way to integrate that theme with the main corporate message.
We did this in a playful, interactive way, leveraging the TV show’s power of attraction and the incentive of social sharing.”

All visitors at the stand were encouraged to take part in an informal interview and reveal something of their professional life. All these shared contributions fed into the OXO Facebook page, virtually in real time. This helped expand the reach of the event to a wider audience and at the same time to nurture brand awareness online.