january 2019


Fumagalli products

The ATC redesign project for the Como-based cold meats company is online. It’s a hub for digital storytelling and sales that communicates the message of a proudly Italian brand, a pioneer of the supply chain method.

Fumagalli Industria Alimentari entrusted ATC with the task of structuring its new corporate website along with a complex and ambitious challenge: on the one hand, to describe the progress of a company anchored by strong values, responsible production and an ethical supply chain; on the other, to integrate an eCommerce platform into the company’s operations featuring a structured, functional and clear interface.

To meet the first objective, relating to communications, ATC developed the storytelling in two main sections, BEING FUMAGALLI and SUPPLY CHAINS. The topics covered include the company’s historical background, its business values and commitment to the environment, and the importance of sustainability and sourcing at a national level. This information underpins the communication on the levels of excellence achieved by the Fumagalli supply chains (now including organic sourcing). The look and feel of the site created by ATC is fresh and minimalist, with graphics supported by illustrations and videos that help the visitor to explore Fumagalli’s commitment to animal welfare and especially the issue of transparency, another key point for the brand. 

Further developing the values theme, ATC has dedicated an entire section of Fumagalli’s site to its ETICHETTA ETICA (ETHICAL LABEL), a concept created during Expo 2015 to encapsulate the essence of the brand and its approach to business. The ethical label features a flower logo with 4 keyword petals: Sustainability, Supply Chain, Safety and Ethics. Over time, this concept has played an increasingly important role, becoming a permanent feature in the main communications of the brand and lending its name to a blog with in-depth content, subsequently reworked as a section of the new site.

To effectively respond to Fumagalli’s second objective, supporting eCommerce integrated with the site, ATC organized the product view in a rational and intuitive way in terms of UX. Accurate descriptions accompany engaging photos and icons, designed to enhance individual products. Customers can also search by product category or type of line.