december 2023

From banner to Lanner ATC is all it takes - All Things Communicate: Purina One® is on Mediaset, Sky and Discovery

The interactive lanner for Purina One to be displayed on Mediaset, Sky and Discovery

The new addressable digital campaign of the scientific nutrition brand for pets is online on CTV.

Often interactive, not skippable, impactful: these are the three key features of Addressable TV campaigns, the digital advertising solution that uses Connected TV (CTV) and the related devices connected to the Internet to propose a large-scale communication, targeted by collecting users' online browsing data anonymously.

In particular, a strong visibility and greater engagement of the public means that more and more brands choose this mode and the format of the lanner to increase awareness and interest.

Purina ONE® has chosen ATC - All Things Communicate to create a digital campaign for the DualNature™ range for Mediaset, Sky and Discovery TV channels, through an interactive lanner, with a clickable CTA to invite the public to find out more information about brand and products.

The most interested users then have had direct access to a mini-site designed by ATC to present the references of the range, with visual and copy in line with the responsibility of Purina for pets and environment.

In addition, for Discovery programmes, an in-depth promotional video on Purina One® DualNature™ products has been released.