november 2023

Costa Cruises and ATC - All Things Communicate join forces to promote travel agency excellence

ATC's project for Costa Cruises

The renaming of the leading agencies offering Costa cruises comes to life.

In the world of tourism, and cruises in particular, Costa is a leading name that owes much of its success to its widespread presence in travel agencies across the country.

ATC - All Things Communicate has teamed up with Costa Cruises to redefine its partnership programme for travel agents. In particular, the co-creation between Costa and ATC resulted in the new naming of the programme, C-Value, the launch tagline "Insieme per creare valore” (Together to create value), and the renaming of the points of sale with the highest potential to "Costa Point Excellence".

"This project with Costa represents a pleasant return to the tourism sector. In its history, ATC has seen collaborations with realities such as Bluvacanze or the Lake Como Tourist Board," stresses Donatello Occhibianco, General Director of ATC. "An important proof that communication and sector expertise, when they go hand in hand, give rise to projects with a strong impact for the client, both from a communication point of view and from a business point of view".


The new tagline and the renaming by ATC