june 2018

Cooking ingredients: creativity conquers your kitchen

Ham and cold cuts wrapping for Fumagalli Salumi

The packaging for the new range of cold cuts by Fumagalli, designed by ATC, debuted at Cibus Fair 2018.

Prestigious food brand Fumagalli, which specialises in quality cold cuts, chose Cibus 2018 to present Cooking Ingredients, its new delicatessen range designed to help consumers prepare fast and delicious recipes. The succulent meats debuted in packaging designed by the ATC team.

The visual makes the product in the packet stand out and draws the attention of consumers to the freshness and authenticity of Fumagalli’s cured meats, which constitute a key driver for purchase at the point of sale.

To hint at the ultimate purpose of Cooking Ingredients cold cuts, the central window of the pack takes the shape of a pan, with the main visual decorated with line drawings of ingredients and kitchen accessories.

Underlining Fumagalli’s corporate identity, the pale green used for the background suggests the idea of simplicity and genuineness and helps the classic brand stand out on the shelf.

The lettering selected for the name of the line, a fresh and modern handwritten script, reinforces the promise of products that are easy to use every day, suited to the need for "fast & uncomplicated" cooking, rich in imagination and impeccable in terms of both taste and quality.


Packaging design Fumagalli new product line Cooking Ingredients



Pack design for Fumagalli salumi cold cuts new product range