april 2024

Pokémon appear in grocery stores again with Levissima Issima and ATC – All Things Communicate

The graphics designed by ATC for the second Pokémon limited edition Issima bottles

Pokémon all around! After the popularity of the first release, which has gained important results in 2023, the colourful and wildely-loved franchise returns to stores with many new characters on the Levissima Issima labels, the famous water bottles addressed to young consumers.

The second limited edition of the project aims at increasing collectability: 18 different Issima labels were created, each one portraying a character from the many generations of Pokémon on the front of pack through a distinctive graphic design and colour palette in order to give this new collection a unique charm.

An in-store QR code allows shoppers to learn more on the levissima.it website, while the promo gives consumers the opportunity to get their 3D Poké Ball right away by spending a minimum of 5€.

ATC has curated the design of physical materials made to maximize the communication impact inside the stores with a display unit for the 18 bottles, a totem with a fun discovery game and a display unit for gadgets that incorporates pop-up elements.


The Issima Pokémon communication materials ATC created for the point of sales