june 2019

Brands like crosswords: how playful Zetabeo managed to thrill kids and parents at the new Zeta store in Rome


All things communicate and what is more fitting than words? As their new store opens its doors in Rome, kids-clothing brand Zeta make its customers play with a scrabble-like online contest. Gamification with rewards in pure Zeta “style”.

For a brand, a new shop is a unique occasion to generate awareness and drive traffic to the store.
We designed a special engagement activity to kickstart the opening of Zeta’s store in Rome.

Combining functionality and cuteness, Zeta gives kids the confidence to express their individuality,  through clothing lines with a unique spin.

With Zetabeo, kids (and parents as well!) can try themselves un our Scrabble-inspired online contest, which can be accessed directly at the point of sale and may continue online, during the days following the opening.

Zetabeo screenshots

Participants are invited to try and form a word from random Zeta-letters, by playing in store at the opening and over the following days on a dedicated landing page.  

The “Zetabeo” is a playful initiative that draws from a classic offline game, to offer a unique multi-channel shopping experience.
Zetabeo smartphone