june 2018

Atc with Amazon Web Services at Forum Pa

ATC communication strategy for AWS at Forum PA

Communication strategy for the important annual event dedicated to digital transformation within the Public sector

Forum PA is a crucial event for all Italian institutions and for companies working in the growing industry of digital services dedicated to the Public Sector.
Every year, the industry event brings together influential players in the tech and finance business sectors, along with representatives of government and local institutions. Held in Rome, the 2018 edition sparked debate on the themes which are pivotal to our country’s political and digital agenda, such as data analysis, management and integration, ICT security, blockchain, connectivity and 5G, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

Of course, the event wouldn’t have been complete without Amazon Web Services. ATC supported the brand throughout the candidacy process and the implementation of the communication strategy for the exhibition area.

The public sector represents an important target for AWS, with the AgID’s (The Italian Agency for Digital Innovation) Three Year Plan coming into force, and a massive overhaul of qualification processes for all Cloud Service Providers who are interested in providing software and cloud services for public institutions.

ATC’s communication strategy pinpointed the quality, efficiency and trustworthiness of AWS’ Cloud services and infrastructures: by means of the stand, equipped with a dedicated space for speed business meetings; and above all through an array of bespoke communication solutions and materials: two-sided totems, digital banners, postcards and printed brochures.


Innovation in public sector AWS at forum PA with ATC



stand booth ATC for Amazon web Services at Forum PA



AWS booth at Forum PA fair created by ATC-Linea