march 2023

AWS completes Italian Roadshow with ATC - All Things Communicate's support

AWS Initiate Roadshow, the event series that involved the main Italian cities

For the past few years, AWS has been relying on ATC – All Things Communicate to manage its events addressed to the Italian Public Sector. This time, alongside Amazon’s cloud service provider, we set up an event series in the main Italian cities.

Between September 2022 and March 2023, supported by ATC, the AWS Initiate Roadshow has brought AWS cloud expertise and success stories to 6 different Italian cities: Bologna, Naples, Florence, Bari, Genoa and Rome.

These events, aiming at accelerating the digitalization of public administrations in Italy and improving citizen services, talked about AWS technology to actors of the local public and private sector through speeches by experts and success stories by those who have already adopted these services in their workplace. Each one of these events included panels on business and technical topics to explain the basis of cloud applications and saw the participation of some P.A. members of the cities involved.

ATC has selected and handled the hosting venues for each stop, organizing the spaces according to different capacities and meeting purposes. In every city we found a unique and evocative location, from classic palaces to sea-view hotels and neon-lit spaces.

Throughout the event series, ATC has also coordinated all suppliers for staging, catering and equipment in order to assure the best outcome while respecting the intended time schedule.

Last but not least, we created additional assets – such as roll-up banners and branded gadgets for attendees – to support and integrate AWS communication on several channels.


Highlights from each stop of the AWS Initiate Roadshow