april 2019

ATC’s international campaign for Meritene® Strength & Vitality is on air

advertising campaign and pack Meritene Strength and Vitality

The partnership with Nestlé Health Science continues with a multi-pronged commercial, ads and a digital campaign

On-air transmission has begun in the various international markets of the new MERITENE® Strength and Vitality advertising spot, the nutritional supplement of Nestlé Health Science, a leader in adult wellness for years.

The creative, 100% Made in Italy, was realized by ATC - Brand Design and Communication, an agency that has been collaborating globally with Nestlé Health Science for many years. 

The spot, which features in a multi-subject campaign planned throughout Europe, shows a couple in three different scenes from daily life who test their resistance to fatigue. An in-depth Computer Graphics focus on the product benefits illustrates the effectiveness of MERITENE® Strength and Vitality’s action.

The spot emphasises the pleasant taste of the product for the palate: an important factor of differentiation compared to other generic supplements. 

In addition to the advertising push, the Milan-based agency oversaw the entire communication campaign, which includes activities on social networks dedicated to consumers and information materials for medical professionals.

spot pubblicitario internazionale Nestlé Health Science Meritene Forza e Vitalità
leaflet informativo ATC Nestlé Health Science Meritene Forza e Vitalità