september 2020

Infant Nutrition new workspace softly interpreted by ATC

Trust, connection and a contemporary interpretation of parenting in ATC's redesign for Infant Nutrition Headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland

All Things Communicate flanks the historic brand in re-designing their headquarters. Acting out the personality of a brand always attentive to mums’ and babies’ needs.

Playful, delicate, inclusive.

The communication studied by ATC for  Infant Nutrition’s offices in Vevey, Switzerland, highlights the brand’s traits. Infant Nutrition is a Nestlé SBU with an over 150 years-commitment to mothers and their babies, through its signature baby milks and  baby formulas. 

A commitment pur client was eager to express, along with other specific objectives..

Goals of the newly imagined workspace

This project has a three-fold purpose:

  • On one hand, the management was interested in boosting employees’ engagement and sense of belonging to the brand. through a human-centered approach.
  • On the other, there was a need to define Infant Nutrition’s identity, as a pivotal, independent SBU within the overarching motherbrand.
  • Lastly, a creative take was needed to convey the long-term vision of the brand, to make it more effective to all stakeholders

The final experience: delicate concreteness and a contemporary spirit, far from clichés.

Trust, connection and commitment, pivotal values in the relationship between parents and babies, and also between the brand and its audience, are expressed by means of blunt shapes, soft palettes and an iconography which evokes the world of play and dream. 

Imagery and photography in their whole convey the concept of modern parenting, avoiding stale clichés to reflect the brand’s truly contemporary vision, along with Infant’s commitment.

Throughout the setup of theme corners – like the magnets’ wall, corridors and meeting rooms dedicated to narrate, with  delicacy and empathy, those extraordinary first 1000 days in a child’s life– offices turn into a space able to transfer a sense of calm and serenity, promote human connections and  tell the company’s rich heritage .