december 2020

ATC designs a new image and website for Daigo supplements

Daigo new site

A new concept, a new key visual, and a totally refurbished online presence for Ibsa Farmaceutici

The partnership between ATC – All Things Communicate and Ibsa Farmaceutici, a leading Italian company in the pharma sector, gets stronger through a wide-scope project for Daigo, the saline supplements supporting muscles, the immune system and the nervous system.


The innovation has begun with the brand image, mainly conveyed through a point of sale toolkit, designed to cover the whole path to purchase, from the glass window to the chemist’s counter, as well as information materials.


Creativity has been deliberately directed towards optimism and easy-going relatability, through situations which could be otherwise hindered by fatigue, such as a bike ride or a day on the snow. Also the concept delivering the brand promise, leveraging on the pause/restart pair, provides a positive, clear and empathic message to the target.


Then, after the brand image redesign, Ibsa Farmaceutici has asked ATC – All Things Communicate to restyle the website, which has been renewed with further user engagement, also aiming at highlighting the Italianness of the company and its products.


Namely, beyond being a repository for all range-related key information, the new site provides interactive content aimed at improving both user experience and involvement: a useful test to pinpoint the most suitable supplement, a catchy tool to explore product composition, and a quick redirect to Ibsa’s e-shop.


Finally, two sections dedicated to well-being tips and to the most common seasonal illnesses complete the website’s information support, also granting an important SEO contribution in terms of page ranking.