december 2021

ATC and Fumagalli Salumi chose Tessa Gelisio as ambassador to promote the brand’s values, animal welfare and sustainability projects

Tessa Gelisio farms

How we had the idea to involve this TV host-writer-influencer and have her engaged in many digital activities for the Como-based brand for 2021-2022.

About Tessa

She’s well known on both social media and TV, being the host for some Rai and Mediaset successful shows such as Sereno Variabile, Pianeta Mare and Cotto e Mangiato.

Member of environmental organizations like WWF and Legambiente, over time Tessa, in addition to being a tv host and an influencer, has also become a writer. She writes about food and sustainability, focusing particularly on food waste and ethical brands. In 2019 she won the prize “Top Italian Green Influencer in the Lifestyle category”.


How ATC involved her in the Fumagalli communication plan

For years, our agency has been laying out the digital plan for this cold meats company, which has always been appreciated globally because of its high standard supply chain and its attention on animal welfare, both exceeding governmental guidelines.

ATC created the topics “Il Patto nel Piatto” (“Deal in the Dish”) on social media to communicate some B2C contents as part of Fumagalli’s new 3-year sustainability plan. Tessa’s account appeared particularly linked to these themes, especially due to the editorial line of the articles on her personal blog “Ecocentrica”.


Fumagalli's farm Tessa Gelisio


Content creation

After drawing up a list with Tessa about which topics to cover together, we went out in the field with her, to Fumagalli’s traditional and organic farms, for a double shooting session near Cremona and Piacenza.

Ethical sensitivity, animal welfare, sustainable approach and quality-driven production. On site, with the help of two of the company’s managers, Tessa was shown the procedures used by Fumagalli to grant an all-round production: wide spaces available for the animals both in the weaning and in the growing phase, use of antibiotics only when strictly needed, no teeth and tail clipping because of the low stress levels the pigs are subjected to, remote supervision of internal parameters and plant-based, locally sourced food.

The videos we shot have led to posts and stories on Tessa’s social media accounts and in the “Il Patto nel Piatto” section on the brand’s accounts, with links to the Fumagalli company website and to the Ecocentrica blog. The project, that boosted engagement on social media, continues by focusing on how to reduce food waste and improve the brand’s sustainability


Story Tessa Gelisio Farm