april 2024

ATC – All Things Communicate “ran” alongside Levissima at the 2024 Milano Marathon by developing several physical assets for children and adults alike

The communication materials for Levissima by ATC for the Wizz Air Milano Marathon 2024

Limited edition packaging, merchandising and additional materials for the event, as well as communication elements for brand visibility. ATC – All Things Communicate once again proves to be a versatile and strategic partner for the water brands belonging to the Sanpellegrino Group, supporting the engagement of adults as well as of young runners.

The 2024 edition of the Milano Marathon, in partnership with Wizz Air, involved a panoramic route through the city centre with approximately 8,000 participants during the two main races: the Family Run for children on Saturday 6th April and the marathon for adults on Sunday 7th April.

The event turned out to be a big success, as usual, a moment where Milan could breathe out and… “regenerate” itself, borrowing one of Levissima’s catchphrases.

ATC, building on its expertise and the results gained through the years with its projects for water brands, was commissioned to follow up several tasks related to this occasion.

For Levissima, the first step was to create an exclusive sleeve for the limited edition 25 cl bottles given to runners during the route. On the artwork, the modernity of the design and the connection to the event stand out; the concept of a 'race towards regeneration' is supported by the message on the side of the bottle and, especially, by the silhouette of runners with the stylised Milan skyline in the background. The colours of the graphic pattern chosen by ATC evoke Levissima's communicative language, echoing mountain peaks, the clarity of water and sustainability.

The Milano Marathon edition of the pack was celebrated at the brand’s outposts scattered along the route with special visibility materials created strategically by the agency: a backdrop with a bottle holder, portraying mountains peaks and the message: "Milan makes way for regeneration".
Moreover, ATC designed the Levissima t-shirts given out during the event, linked to the look and feel and the messages featured on the limited edition bottles.


Communication materials ATC created for the Milano Marathon: packaging for the limited-edition Levissima water bottle and the display made to give it focus along the route


For Issima – the water destined to children’s hydration – ATC helped engage young runners and make them start their Family Run from the Velodromo Vigorelli with smiles and selfies.

The output was a large photobooth backdrop portraying some of the characters from the Pokémon franchise inside a stadium scenario; this graphic is consistent with the extensive packaging & in-store licensing project carried out by the brand in the latest months, also curated by our agency.


Materials inspired to the Issima and Pokémon collaboration ATC created for the Levissima Family Run