december 2023

ATC - All Things Communicate transforms the Christmas tree into a display for Purina Gourmet

The Christmas project by ATC and Gourmet for the grocery channel

An impactful display for the pet food brand with a Christmas themed activation in stores.

Christmas comes for everyone, even for pets and pet lovers: for this reason Purina, in the name of a long-lasting collaboration, has relied on ATC - All Things Communicate to create effective POP materials, dedicated to the Gourmet range of products for cats to be promoted during the holidays.

Gourmet’s look and feel, specifically that of Gold sub-range, set the basis for designing a special display: reproducing the shapes of a traditional Christmas tree, the visual chosen by ATC has allowed to increase brand visibility in stores, maintaining an elegant and premium line thanks to a golden pattern on a white background.

Even the claim recalls the typical atmosphere of the Christmas holidays and focuses on an idea of refined and varied taste, always consistent with the communication that characterizes Gourmet, and compares the references exposed to small gifts for cats with a refined palate.


The Christmas standing display unit created by ATC for Purina Gourmet