september 2022

ATC - All Things Communicate renovates the Levissima Natura in-store communication creating btl materials and promo

ATC - All Things Communicate follows the Levissima Natura relaunch

Levissima Natura is the most recent Levissima range. A drink based on the concept of being, on the idea of a connection and the reconciliation between man and nature. Produced with cold infusion, the purity of the Levissima water is enriched by the flavour and the beneficial properties of mountain fruits and flowers.

ATC – All Things Communicate has studied the restyling of btl materials for the grocery channel, starting from the Natura digital mood based on the key concept: “Infusa a freddo, gustosa per natura” (Cold infused, naturally flavoured), and a look and feel that, compared to the previous flight, prioritizes the natural aspect, with the insertion of nature-inspired photographic elements.

To maximise its in-store visibility, we designed a toolkit for the display and the set-up that guide the shopper through a “multilevel” scan of information that glorify the 3 tastes (White mountain tea and elderberry flowers, Apple and mountain herbs and Green mountain tea and linden blossom), and also through the CTA-brand promise “Rigenerati con il suo gusto 100% naturale” (Regenerate yourself with its 100% natural taste).


Btl communication materials for Levissima Natura and Levissima+ designed by ATC for the grocery channel


Moreover, our agency has created the additional btl materials for a special contest based on the regeneration theme, that puts Natura together with Levissima+. The prize is a smartphone armband, to convey the idea that wellness and regeneration for adults have to embrace correct hydration and regular physical activity.