november 2023

ATC - All Things Communicate is “looking for pink” with Pink Sugar

The new Pink Sugar box

A modern and colourful graphic mood for the new box showcasing Pink Sugar products.

For the second year running, Pink Sugar (a Selectiva-owned brand, of the Paglieri Group), has chosen the creativity of ATC - All Things Communicate for its Christmas packaging.

The aim of the box set is to offer, together with the best seller, a complementary product from the Pink Sugar range in a trendy and appealing packaging - both for the Italian and foreign markets - that represents a perfect gift for the consumer target made up of young girls.

For this edition of the box containing the sweet fragrance, the graphics designed by ATC combined the pastel pink hues typical of the brand's visual identity with elements of various colours, for a rainbow effect with a strong visual impact.

The new concept, as suggested by the naming and the irregularly shaped window resembling a paint drop, tells about a 'search for pink' among the various shades. The central element frames the window with the products and creates a glittery rainbow that recalls the festive atmosphere of the Christmas season, without departing from the brand identity and an idea of 'party' suitable for any time of year.

Despite the new graphic approach and the new features used, the background of different shades of pink, the inside of the pack and the ever-present reference to 'pink' ensure coherence with the brand communication and continuity with the previous editions.


The graphic design ATC created for the 2023 edition of the Pink Sugar box