july 2021

ATC - All Things Communicate at the Global Summit Marketing & Digital

The cards created by ATC for the Global Summit

The unmissable appointment is back in Lazise and we are there. This year we are sharing know-how, too.

The Global Summit is a unique opportunity for discussion and networking with professionals and companies. This edition is back after the pandemic halt and ATC - All Things Communicate is on stage today, talking about storytelling and brand communication with Design & Content Strategist Silvia Podestà.


Here's what we talked about.

Storytelling in times of uncertainty

During these breathtaking months, loads have changed in brand communication.
In our talk we explored alternative approaches to storytelling, deep diving into two specific modes, which, according to our observations, have consolidated during the pandemic.
If letting consumers make experiences becomes impossible, can brands find new ways to relate to their audience?
We examined a whole host of examples and case studies, to shed light on different practical applications of the levers of concreteness and empathy.
High-sounding narratives punctuate a highly saturated content economy.
A new way to consumers goes through direct, clear messages, which explicitly display the immediate benefits for the customer: both online and offline, throughout the entire customer journey.
Micro-stories emerge, exploiting the "syncretic" multimedia formats that digital technology and social media channels provide. The opportunities for experimenting, beyond the classic concept of storytelling, are potentially endless.
It is up to every brand to find and put together its unique and differentiating kit.
Should we all ditch our brand stories? Not yet! Or rather, it depends. Our advice is to leverage on storytelling, when you really have something meaningful to tell. When this is not the case, just focus on something else: the emotional connection and the construction of trust and loyalty also come down to values that we can implement, rather than tell. Tangibility and empathy can really become your brand’s best allies.