june 2020

ATC - All Things Communicate and Nestlé Health Science communicate the power of enzymes against inflammations

inflammation wobenzym nhs character anti-inflammatory blaze tablet

A relaunch in the pharma channel after a recent acquisition by Nestlé Health Science. ATC - All Things Communicate has been put in charge of it thanks to an impactful creative campaign for trade and consumer materials, also iterated on a display campaign.

Inflammations are a very common problem, with several possible causes. The Wobenzym® range, a new supplement acquired by Nestlé Health Science, features a different therapeutic approach compared to the usual nonsteroidal drugs (NSAIDs - or FANS in Italian): it treats inflammations through a preventive action, based on a synergy of natural enzymes, therefore reducing the risk of side effects.

Wobenzym anti-inflammatory pharmacy leaflet

ATC’s strategic approach and creativity have leveraged on these main strong points, giving birth to two characters: “Wobenzym® tablet” and “blaze”; in the campaign’s key visual they keep a safe distance, in a metaphor for the product’s effectiveness, together with an unmistakable claim. A proposal aimed at maximizing the comprehension and memorization of a supplement whose name can be rather difficult for the Italian market.

inflammation online ad info web wobenzym pharmacy

The agency has dealt with the global restyling of below-the-line materials (both advertising and informative) for consumers and trade,  in addition to a display campaign online on category portals and mainstream websites, to reach both chemists as well as a wider audience.

wobenzym pharmacy display unit communication packaging

“A naturally valid answer”, one of the key-messages on the communication materials, sounds as a declaration of intent by ATC, determined to do its best in delivering for the project.