july 2023

ATC - All Things Communicate and Levissima win the 2023 Key Award in the B2C in-store events category

Photo from the POPKA 2023 night

Once again, the agency stood out in this edition of the Media Key with a project that highlighted the partnership between Issima, the Levissima range dedicated to children, the Trudi brand and the Stelvio Park in the large-scale retail sector, in a wide-ranging consumer work between territorial protection and educational levers.

On 3 July, a team representing ATC - All Things Communicate took the stage at the 20th POPKA (Press, Outdoor & Promotion Key Award) organised by Media Key to receive an important award for the best B2C in-store event.

A work supported at several levels by the agency, which signed the packaging design of the 2022 special edition of Levissima Issima. 6 different sleeves inspired by the animals of the Stelvio Park in Valtellina, for which the brand has actively contributed to the protection of the territory and two species, the wolf and the lammergeyer.

The in-store experience was enhanced with p.o.p. materials designed to theatricalise the activity, including an educational mini-guide with colouring pages combined with ironic copy. Also part of the winning activity was a gift box for social amplification, containing all of Issima's plush toys and bottles.

Patrizia Baffa, Account Manager at ATC, expressed the agency's satisfaction: "It's an honour to be awarded by Media Key for the second year in a row, especially because it's a project in which we worked very well with the client, from the preliminary stages to the creation of the various assets.