september 2021

ATC - All Things Communicate and IBSA, together to re-launch FlectorArtro

IBSA pharmaceutical company's Instagram ads dedicated to FlectorArtro

The Instagram campaign dedicated to FlectorArtro, curated by ATC, is finally online

The pharma company IBSA approached ATC to develop a series of sponsored Instagram stories dedicated to FlectorArtro, a product formulated with exclusive nanotechnologies to act on pain and inflammation, in order to generate awareness and consideration with a re-launch of the product on social media.

ATC’s work resulted in a multi-subject campaign dedicated to everyday life: from a walk in the park to the work table, from a basketball match to a car ride, and many others… athletic and dynamic situations, but simply daily ones too, in which joint pains can occur.



Communication revolves around two consecutive moments of problem and solution, pain and relief, highlighting the former with a graphic device to focus on the pain point and, by contrast, presenting FlectorArtro as a valid solution to go back to the pleasure of our own habits.