april 2022

Are Apple Glasses coming in 2022?

Apple's glasses for augmented reality

According to some sources, Apple’s glasses for augmented reality could be released before the year ends. Here’s what we know about today’s most anticipated tech gadget.

Beyond your average glasses

From what we know so far about this secret project, we can assume that Apple Glasses are probably going to be iPhone accessories like the Apple Watch, but with new functionalities that will allow the integration of AR.

Aesthetically, they will be similar to normal sunglasses, with a light and comfortable frame and a trendy and timeless design, Ray-Ban Wayfarer-style.

The innovation stands in the displays on the lenses and the sensors that will allow to map one’s surroundings and interact with them. The user will enter their inputs via touch, vocal commands, head or hand movements.

Some of the applications of these special glasses will include the possibility to read notifications and texts, navigate a place thanks to maps superimposed on the real street or track the devices connected to “Find my iPhone”. Another viable option is the simultaneous launch of a specific digital store from which you can download apps or tools to use in AR.


Apple Glasses will connect to your iPhone like an accessory




To provide the best experience, the Apple Glasses will have two 4k micro-led 0.5 inch displays with a 1280x960 resolution.

These glasses will also be equipped with 15 optical modules, two processors and 6E Wi-Fi connection.

To work with augmented reality, there will also be sensors for eye-tracking and for the mapping of surrounding objects.

Contrarily to other smart glasses released in the past, like the 2013 Google Glasses, the Apple Glasses won’t feature a camera. This solution avoids the problems linked to privacy violations and unauthorized recordings that became one of the main obstacles to the spread of the Google Glasses and determined their lack of success among consumers.


Apple Glasses will allow the user to interact with their surroundings



Release date

Although Apple has been developing this project since 2015, there is still no release date confirmed.

According to the latest indiscretions, the test phase has been completed and some speculate the launch before the end of 2022, in time for the Apple event of next fall.

This theory is supported by a recent video by Greg Joswiak where he showed a logo in what looks like AR.

The most cautious guesses don’t bet on the debut of the Apple Glasses before 2025 and even think it is more likely that they will come out after the Apple visors for mixed reality (AR/VR), a highly anticipated upcoming product.

The price of Apple Glasses will be lower than the one assumed for the visors and probably be around 500 dollars, even though the scarce availability of the chips could have consequences on the large distribution and make the glasses hard to find in stores.

Therefore, even without the Glasses, keep your eyes open on Tim Cook’s next announcements.