may 2020

A song for you… by ATC - All Things Communicate for IBSA

ear cleaning Ibsa auricular hygiene

An educational project to raise families’ awareness on ear cleaning, created during the Covid-19 emergency. The creativity of ATC - All Things Communicate has given birth to an “ear-catching” rhyme: the soundtrack of a cartoon video distributed on digital channels.

During lockdown, many brands have set their minds on how to provide meaningful communication to those who were confined at home. Ibsa, the pharmaceutical company behind such products as Cerulisina and Aliamare, needed to explain simply and clearly to both adults and children how to properly clean the ear channel.

ATC has designed and produced a karaoke-style cartoon video whose main character, a funny auricle, shows how to effectively clean ears, step by step, listing all the do’s and dont’s. All of this, on the notes of a rhyming song expressly written on the occasion… to learn by singing on YouTube!

With Ibsa and ATC, everybody can sing their hearts out… by ear!