july 2024

A major comeback for Chinò Sanpellegrino. ATC – All Things Communicate takes care of its in-store communication

ATC created the in-store communication materials for the collaboration between Chinò Sanpellegrino and Labadessa

What is that drink with an original identity and unmistakable taste, bitter and sweet at once, that has been enjoyed all over Italy for decades? We are undoubtedly talking about Chinò Sanpellegrino.

For its 2024 relaunch, the brand is back on the shelves with a new image, customised by the illustrator and social media personality Mattia Labadessa, who has designed 3 special limited edition Chinò cans and the graphics for their in-store materials.

These colourful, ironic and irreverent packs capture the attention of potential consumers by playing on the humour of the character invented by Labadessa, with a highly distinguishable multi-subject edition, in total Chinò fashion.

ATC – All Things Communicate was entrusted by the Sanpellegrino Group’s team to make the relaunch in-store materials ‘extremely juicy’. The project also included a promotional activity giving customers that spent 3€ on Sanpellegrino drinks the chance to win a diary signed by the illustrator.

Several physical assets were created by the agency to engage the consumers. They worked strategically on a double level: on the one hand, celebrating the aesthetics and mood of the new cans, and on the other, highlighting the promo by making the look and feel of the limited editions extremely visible in the point of sales.


The set-up materials, the diary and the t-shirt ATC designed for the Chinò Labadessa limited edition