july 2021

14th July - Sharing our take on storytelling and branding at the Global Summit Marketing and Digital

global summit 2021

ATC - All Things Communicate will be on stage at the yearly event in Lazise with the Design & Content Strategist Silvia Podestà

We all know of the power of a good brand story - an exciting narrative that tends to make the message interesting, engaging, memorable and effective - to the point that storytelling is an established and widely used technique.

Yet with the pandemic with its reduced possibilities for brands to meet the audience on the usual touchpoints and enable memorable experiences, new ways of engagement have emerged.

Meet us On July 14th at 9 am on the stage of the Global Summit Marketing & Digital, where we'll be delivering our personal take on storytelling, trying to answer crucial questions, as usual:

•​ ​What are the new “key drivers”for branding in the post-Covid ?
•​ ​How can we leverage the new formats of digital technology to engage our consumers all along the funnel?
•​ ​How important is listening to your audience?

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