july 2024

125 sparkling years for S.Pellegrino with ATC - All Things Communicate

The communication for S.Pellegrino's 125th anniversary

ATC – All Things Communicate has created the foodservice and retail toolkits to celebrate the anniversary of the iconic brand of Italian fine dining around the world.

The celebration of an anniversary is always an opportunity for a brand to reinforce its visibility, especially when it comes to a lovebrand recognised all over the world like S.Pellegrino.

For its 125th anniversary, S.Pellegrino launched two special edition bottles for both Ho.Re.Ca. and retail. At the same time, it commissioned ATC to create the two different communication toolkits for the two channels, to be targeted at international markets.

As always in these cases, ATC's approach favoured a fluid working method, with a continuous feedback process between client and agency, to create a selection of modular and adaptable communication assets, designed to cover all steps of the customer journey.

The retail channel has seen complete coverage of the path to purchase, through the design of 'must have' materials, from displays to on-shelf wobblers, but also with a focus on some more particular needs, from cross-merchandising opportunities to the challenges of large retail outlets.

Space was given to innovation, both in creative concepts and execution, in the foodservice channel, where S.Pellegrino challenged ATC to create materials both impactful and capable of reducing complexity in the production phase, considering the need to enhance the brand and its anniversary in high-end venues, usually already endowed with their own distinctive personality in terms of image and design.

ATC's creative team responded in this case too, modelling its proposal on the intention of accompanying guests along the restaurant's specific journey, with a non-invasive but always engaging presence in keeping with S.Pellegrino's reputation.

The result is a toolkit in which every moment of contact with customers represents a small special moment, from the glorifier to celebrate the bottle at the welcome, to the surprise on the table of a small origami with a QR code that leads to a dedicated menu, from branding materials linked to the moment of consumption (coaster for the glass and neck hanger for the bottle), to a citation of the grand crus, with the gift of the special edition cork.

Alongside the toolkits, ATC also created the digital sales folder presenting the features and opportunities associated with the 125th anniversary celebration to the sales force: an asset that is anything but minor and carefully crafted, testifying to ATC's positioning as a creative and effective agency throughout the whole B2B2C flow.